Deck 4 - Crystal Deck

onboard Crystal Esprit

Deck 4 is home to the Cove, Yacht Club, and the Patio Caf.

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Staterooms and Public Areas on this Deck:
An intimate, window-lined gathering spot that sets a refined yet festive mood. Outside, scenic islands drift slowly by, to be captured in ever-lasting memories. Join with friends for drinks after a day of adventures or enjoy the evening entertainment.
Yacht Club
The Yacht Club, Crystal Esprit's elegant restaurant, services a menu of modern and classic specialties influenced by each of the yacht's unique cruising regions. Savor a culinary experience prepared for you by Crystal's award-winning culinary team.
Patio Cafe
Relax under the skies at Patio Cafe, enjoying small plates, creative salads, gourmet charcuterie, cheese and pastries from Crystal's masterful chefs. Open for breakfast and lunch.

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