Crystal Endeavor

World's Largest Polar Class Expedition Yacht

At 19,800 GRT, Crystal Endeavor is the largest, most spacious purpose-built polar class expedition yacht in the world, accommodating just 200 guests and boasting luxurious amenities and special touches for which Crystal is known.

With a PC6 designation, Crystal Endeavor can operate in summer and autumn through medium first-year ice. The ship will feature the latest technological advancements, including offshore dynamic positioning capabilities, offering both comfort and safety while exploring the icy waters in the Polar Regions as well as locations across the globe.

Generous public spaces, world-class dining, and amenities for adventurous and enriching pursuits are the focus of Crystal Cruises first expedition yacht. The yacht features a full-service spa and salon, six restaurants including Nobu Matsuhisa’s Umi Uma, and expedition rooms. Crystal Endeavor’s accommodations are the largest, most spacious suites in expedition cruising, featuring private verandahs and butler service for every suite.

AsiaShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN200810-17 / 17 Night Russian Far East Maiden Expedition Crystal Endeavor8/10/2020$24,349$600
YEN200827-17 / 17 Night Japan Crystal Endeavor8/27/2020$18,049$600
YEN200913-16 / 16 Night Island Explorations of Japan Crystal Endeavor9/13/2020$16,299$600
YEN200929-16 / 16 Night Philippines, Borneo & Indonesian Quest Crystal Endeavor9/29/2020$17,599$600
YEN201015-16 / 16 Night Indonesian Immersive & The Great Barrier Reef Crystal Endeavor10/15/2020$15,899$600
Australia & New ZealandShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN201031-14 / 14 Night Australian Offshore & The Great Barrier Reef Crystal Endeavor10/31/2020$15,099$600
YEN201114-14 / 14 Night Tasmania & Fjords of New Zealand Crystal Endeavor11/14/2020$14,799$600
YEN201128-12 / 12 Night New Zealand Immersion Crystal Endeavor11/28/2020$12,999$600
YEN201210-12 / 12 Night The Remote Coasts Of New Zealand Crystal Endeavor12/10/2020$12,499$600
YEN201222-15 / 15 Night Holiday Expedition to New Zealand & Australia Crystal Endeavor12/22/2020$18,849$600
YEN210106-22 / 22 Night Antarctica & The Ross Sea Expedition Crystal Endeavor1/6/2021$35,949$600
YEN210128-22 / 22 Night Antarctica & The Ross Sea Expedition Crystal Endeavor1/28/2021$33,449$600
YEN210219-17 / 17 Night New Zealand Beyond BoundariesCrystal Endeavor2/19/2021$18,499
YEN210308-16 / 16 Night New Zealand Fjords & TasmaniaCrystal Endeavor3/8/2021$16,999
YEN210324-10 / 10 Night Great Australian AdventureCrystal Endeavor3/24/2021$11,199
YEN210403-13 / 13 Night Expedition into the Java SeaCrystal Endeavor4/3/2021$14,299
AsiaShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN210416-15 / 15 Night Thailand & Vietnam In-DepthCrystal Endeavor4/16/2021$16,999
YEN210501-14 / 14 Night Journey to Taiwan and JapanCrystal Endeavor5/1/2021$16,299
YEN210515-14 / 14 Night Japan's Island ImmersiveCrystal Endeavor5/15/2021$16,299
YEN210529-14 / 14 Night Japan's Island & NatureCrystal Endeavor5/29/2021$16,299
Alaska CruisesShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN210612-19 / 18 Night Russian Far East & The Aleutian IslesCrystal Endeavor6/12/2021$17,449
YEN210630-12 / 12 Night Expedition AlaskaCrystal Endeavor6/30/2021$13,699
YEN210712-11 / 11 Night Alaska & the Inside PassageCrystal Endeavor7/12/2021$12,299
YEN210723-12 / 12 Night Expedition AlaskaCrystal Endeavor7/23/2021$13,449
YEN210804-15 / 15 Night Beyond the Aleutian IslesCrystal Endeavor8/4/2021$14,699
Northern EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN210817-29 / 29 Night Northeast PassageCrystal Endeavor8/18/2021$49,099
YEN210915-13 / 13 Night Norwegian Fjords & Scottish Isles ExplorationCrystal Endeavor9/15/2021$14,149
YEN210928-11 / 11 Night Breton, Bordeaux & BeyondCrystal Endeavor9/28/2021$11,699
Trans-Ocean CrossingsShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN211009-18 / 18 Night Expedition Atlantic IslesCrystal Endeavor10/9/2021$16,549
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN211027-10 / 10 Night Exploration in Brazil & ArgentinaCrystal Endeavor10/27/2021$9,549
YEN211106-12 / 12 Night Expedition to Argentina & the FalklandsCrystal Endeavor11/6/2021$11,449
YEN211118-11 / 11 Night Expedition AntarcticaCrystal Endeavor11/18/2021$15,449
YEN211129-11 / 11 Night Expedition AntarcticaCrystal Endeavor11/29/2021$15,449
YEN211210-11 / 11 Night Expedition AntarcticaCrystal Endeavor12/10/2021$15,749
YEN211221-15 / 15 Night Antarctic Holiday ExpeditionCrystal Endeavor12/21/2021$22,049
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