Crystal Serenity

The difference is Crystal clear onboard Serenity

Crystal Serenity, awarded World's Best cruise ship, enchants with an unrivaled posh elegance inviting guests to discover a ship of exacting perfection and easy luxury.

Inspired by the casual-yet-cultured vibe of southern California, Crystal Serenity's boasts a chic and contemporary style featuring several cruise industry-firsts, such as a chef's herb garden as part of vibrant "vertical walls" of greenery.

Nowhere else does the grandeur and serenity of the world come into view more clearly than it does from the sublime comfort and quiet privacy of your well-appointed verandah stateroom or suite. All guests enjoy comfortable kimonos, Frette robes and slippers and indulgent bath amenities. Penthouse guests are attended to by a personal butler, anticipating your every need.

Renowned for award-winning cuisine, the elegant Dining Room sets the stage for exceptional culinary experiences during the day. In the evening, Crystal Serenity's restaurants offers all-inclusive dining, serving fine wines and cuisine inspired by Master Chef Nobu Matsuhisa.

To top it off, Crystal Cruises offers the finest shipboard service afloat and it is the goal of the attentive staff to anticipate your every need and to make your vacation truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

AsiaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY180426-10 / 10 Night The Sands of Time GetawayCrystal Serenity4/26/2018$5,975
OCY180426-14 / 14 Night GetawayCrystal Serenity4/26/2018$10,240
Middle EastShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY180426-20 / 20 Night The Sands of Time Crystal Serenity4/26/2018$11,950$600
AsiaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY180506-10 / 10 Night The Sands of Time GetawayCrystal Serenity5/6/2018$5,975
OCY180507-03 / 3 Night The Sands of Time GetawayCrystal Serenity5/7/2018$1,795
OCY180510-06 / 6 Night The Sands of Time GetawayCrystal Serenity5/10/2018$3,585
MediterraneanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY180516-12 / 12 Night Riviera Reflections Crystal Serenity5/16/2018$5,270$500
Northern EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY180528-10 / 10 Night Tapas & Truffles  Crystal Serenity5/28/2018$4,025$1,700
OCY180607-12 / 12 Night Museum Medley Crystal Serenity6/7/2018$5,705$500
OCY180619-12 / 12 Night Baltic Bliss  Crystal Serenity6/19/2018$6,140$1,700
OCY180701-14 / 14 Night Into The Midnight Sun Crystal Serenity7/1/2018$7,600$500
OCY180715-14 / 14 Night Irish Sea Soliloquy  Crystal Serenity7/15/2018$7,600$1,700
MediterraneanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY180729-07 / 7 Night GetawayCrystal Serenity7/29/2018$3,800
Northern EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY180729-14 / 14 Night Vineyards & Vistas  Crystal Serenity7/29/2018$7,600$1,700
MediterraneanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY180805-07 / 7 Night GetawayCrystal Serenity8/5/2018$3,585
OCY180812-07 / 7 Night Coastal Classics & Balearic Isles  Crystal Serenity8/12/2018$5,530$1,450
OCY180819-06 / 6 Night Mediterranean Images-Crystal Getaway New OfferingCrystal Serenity8/19/2018$3,260
OCY180819-12 / 12 Night Mediterranean Images  Crystal Serenity8/19/2018$6,520$1,700
OCY180825-06 / 6 Night Mediterranean Images-Crystal Getaway New OfferingCrystal Serenity8/25/2018$3,260
OCY180831-09 / 9 Night Italiano Avventura Crystal Serenity8/31/2018$7,115$500
OCY180909-07 / 7 Night Secular & Sacred-Crystal Getaway New OfferingCrystal Serenity9/9/2018$3,260
OCY180909-14 / 14 Night Secular & Sacred  Crystal Serenity9/9/2018$6,515$1,700
OCY180916-07 / 7 Night Secular & Sacred-Crystal Getaway New OfferingCrystal Serenity9/16/2018$3,260
OCY180923-07 / 7 Night Riviera Reverie  Crystal Serenity9/23/2018$3,635$1,450
OCY180930-07 / 7 Night Mediterranean Distinction Crystal Serenity9/30/2018$6,895$250
OCY181007-07 / 7 Night Iberian Sojourn Crystal Serenity10/7/2018$3,260$250
Trans-Ocean CrossingsShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY181110-11 / 11 Night Quintessential Crossing  Crystal Serenity11/10/2018$18,055$1,600
CaribbeanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY181121-16 / 16 Night Thanksgiving Tropical Treasures  Crystal Serenity11/21/2018$7,135$1,700
Pacific CoastShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY181207-08 / 8 Night Crystal Serenity12/7/2018$3,220
OCY181207-14 / 14 Night Pacific Coast Panorama  Crystal Serenity12/7/2018$5,635$1,700
OCY181215-06 / 6 Night Crystal Serenity12/15/2018$2,415
OCY181221-16 / 16 Night Hawaiian Holidays Crystal Serenity12/21/2018$14,590$500
OCY190106-07 / 7 Night Coastal California Getaway Crystal Serenity1/6/2019$3,415$1,200
World CruiseShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY190113-85 / 85 Night 2019 Full World Cruise: Grand Continental OdysseysCrystal Serenity1/13/2019$40,600
Hawaii & South PacificShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY190114-22 / 22 Night World Cruise Segment 1: Historic Harbors & Idyllic IslesCrystal Serenity1/14/2019$11,180
World CruiseShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY190120-16 / 16 Night World Cruise Segment 1B: Isles of the South PacificCrystal Serenity1/20/2019$7,195
Australia & New ZealandShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY190205-15 / 15 Night World Cruise Segment 2: Discoveries Down UnderCrystal Serenity2/5/2019$8,780
AfricaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY190220-21 / 21 Night World Cruise Segment 3: Seashells & Safaris Crystal Serenity2/20/2019$11,405$1,200
OCY190228-13 / 13 Night GetawayCrystal Serenity2/28/2019$7,060
OCY190313-26 / 26 Night World Cruise Segment 4: African AdventurerCrystal Serenity3/13/2019$11,595
MediterraneanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY190408-10 / 10 Night Magical MediterraneanCrystal Serenity4/8/2019$4,845
OCY190418-09 / 9 Night Dalmatia DiscoveriesCrystal Serenity4/18/2019$4,360
OCY190427-07 / 7 Night Greek Isles FantasyCrystal Serenity4/27/2019$3,330
OCY190504-07 / 7 Night Ionian ImpressionsCrystal Serenity5/4/2019$2,570
OCY190511-06 / 6 Night Riviera RomanceCrystal Serenity5/11/2019$2,200
OCY190517-06 / 6 Night Captivating Cote d'AzurCrystal Serenity5/17/2019$3,075
OCY190523-06 / 6 Night Riviera PlaygroundCrystal Serenity5/23/2019$2,200
OCY190529-12 / 12 Night Peninsula PanoramaCrystal Serenity5/29/2019$6,985
Northern EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY190610--11 / 11 Night British Isles LegacyCrystal Serenity6/10/2019$6,825
OCY190621-16 / 16 Night North Cape PanoramaCrystal Serenity6/21/2019$9,930
OCY190621-26 / 26 Night Explorer CombinationCrystal Serenity6/21/2019$16,130
OCY190707-10 / 10 Night Baltic TreasuresCrystal Serenity7/7/2019$5,850
OCY190717-12 / 12 Night Baltic VistasCrystal Serenity7/17/2019$7,020
OCY190717-26 / 26 Night Explorer CombinationCrystal Serenity7/17/2019$13,675
OCY190729-14 / 14 Night Western Europe & Vintage FranceCrystal Serenity7/29/2019$6,655
OCY190729-25 / 25 Night Explorer CombinationCrystal Serenity7/29/2019$12,685
MediterraneanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY190812-11 / 11 Night Iberian ImagesCrystal Serenity8/12/2019$4,325
OCY190823-08 / 8 Night Romantic RivieraCrystal Serenity8/23/2019$3,350
OCY190831-07 / 7 Night Ligurian Sea Medley Crystal Serenity8/31/2019$2,935$1,200
OCY190831-14 / 14 Night Explorer CombinationCrystal Serenity8/31/2019$5,870
OCY190907-07 / 7 Night Romantic Reflections Crystal Serenity9/7/2019$2,935$1,200
OCY190914-07 / 7 Night Adriatic AdventureCrystal Serenity9/14/2019$2,935
OCY190921-12 / 12 Night Beyond the Pillars of HerculesCrystal Serenity9/21/2019$6,580
OCY190921-19 / 19 Night Explorer CombinationCrystal Serenity9/21/2019$10,165
OCY191003-07 / 7 Night Mediterranean ArtsCrystal Serenity10/3/2019$3,585
OCY191003-20 / 20 Night Explorer CombinationCrystal Serenity10/3/2019$10,235
OCY191010-13 / 13 Night The Holy Land & Greek IslesCrystal Serenity10/10/2019$6,655
OCY191010-26 / 26 Night Explorer CombinationCrystal Serenity10/10/2019$13,310
OCY191023-13 / 13 Night Mediterranean Passage Crystal Serenity10/23/2019$4,765$1,200
OCY191023-20 / 20 Night Explorer CombinationCrystal Serenity10/23/2019$9,980
OCY191105-07 / 7 Night Iberian InfluencesCrystal Serenity11/5/2019$3,330
Trans-Ocean CrossingsShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY191112-12 / 12 Night Crossing to the CaribbeanCrystal Serenity11/12/2019$4,385
OCY191112-24 / 24 Night Explorer CombinationCrystal Serenity11/12/2019$0
CaribbeanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCY191124-12 / 12 Night Holiday SojournCrystal Serenity11/24/2019$3,775
OCY191206-08 / 8 Night Colorful CulturesCrystal Serenity12/6/2019$2,925
OCY191222-15 / 15 Night Haute Caribbean HolidaysCrystal Serenity12/22/2019$6,680
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