Crystal Symphony

The evolution of Crystal luxury and adventure

Crystal Symphony is one of two magnificent ships that has earned Crystal Cruises the distinction of being The World's Most Awarded Luxury Cruise Line™. A veritable sanctuary of refined style and cutting-edge technology, each and every subtle detail onboard award-winning Crystal Symphony brings touches of luxury-from traditional to chic-as only Crystal can.

With her sleek silhouette and shimmering elegance, the legendary Crystal Symphony finds a natural home in the world’s most glamorous harbors and idyllic ports of call. The hallmarks of Crystal – legendary service, abundant space, exceptional quality and unparalleled choices – are evident the minute you step onboard Crystal Symphony.

The luxurious 50,000-ton, 922-guest ship is one of the most spacious cruise ships at sea. Onboard amenities include grand lounges, full-service fitness facility, Crystal casino, Feng Shui-inspired spa, 360 degree teak Promenade Deck, Seahorse Pool and Jacuzzi, award-winning cuisine and entertainment, in addition to elegantly appointed staterooms, most with private verandahs.

With an enviable reputation for excellence, the stylish and contemporary Crystal Symphony is your home away from home as you travel on destination-rich itineraries that span the globe.

New England & CanadaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS180830-14 / 14 Night New England Vistas Crystal Symphony8/30/2018$5,985$500
OCS180913-12 / 12 Night Provincial Pastimes Crystal Symphony9/13/2018$8,710$500
OCS180925-10 / 10 Night Falls Grandeur Crystal Symphony9/25/2018$5,310$500
OCS181005-10 / 10 Night Laurentian Discovery Crystal Symphony10/5/2018$8,715$500
OCS181015-10 / 10 Night Autumn Tapestry Crystal Symphony10/15/2018$4,315$500
OCS181025-14 / 14 Night Colonial Charms Crystal Symphony10/25/2018$4,790$500
OCS181027-12 / 12 Night Colonial CharmsCrystal Symphony10/27/2018$3,930
OCS181029-10 / 10 Night Autumn Island ReflectionsCrystal Symphony10/29/2018$3,420
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS181108-24 / 24 Night Amazon Discovery Crystal Symphony11/8/2018$8,620$500
CaribbeanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS181202-13 / 13 Night Island Rhythms & Big Easy Jazz  Crystal Symphony12/2/2018$4,055$800
OCS181215-07 / 7 Night Yucatan & Dixieland Delights Crystal Symphony12/15/2018$2,635$250
OCS181222-14 / 14 Night Creole & Caribbean Celebrations Crystal Symphony12/22/2018$15,370$500
OCS181222-33 / 33 Night Grand Caribbean CelebrationsCrystal Symphony12/22/2018$11,480
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS190105-19 / 19 Night Rio Rendezvous  Crystal Symphony1/5/2019$5,250$1,300
CaribbeanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS190111-08 / 8 Night Rio RendezvousCrystal Symphony1/11/2019$2,380
OCS190111-10 / 10 Night Rio RendezvousCrystal Symphony1/11/2019$2,975
OCS190111-13 / 13 Night Rio Rendezvous Crystal Symphony1/11/2019$3,620$500
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS190124-10 / 10 Night Sizzling Samba & Tango  Crystal Symphony1/24/2019$4,390$1,300
OCS190203-08 / 8 Night Crystal Symphony2/3/2019$4,380
OCS190203-16 / 16 Night Tierra del Fuego Passage Crystal Symphony2/3/2019$8,755$500
OCS190211-08 / 8 Night Crystal Symphony2/11/2019$4,380
OCS190219-16 / 16 Night Storied Isles of the Pacific  Crystal Symphony2/19/2019$4,360$1,300
Australia & New ZealandShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS190323-16 / 16 Night New Zealand Grandeur Crystal Symphony3/23/2019$6,275$500
AsiaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS190408-18 / 18 Night The Great Barrier Reef & Beyond  Crystal Symphony4/8/2019$5,490$1,300
OCS190426-13 / 13 Night South China Sea Collection Crystal Symphony4/26/2019$6,225$500
OCS190509-17 / 17 Night Accents on the Orient Crystal Symphony5/9/2019$7,080$500
Alaska CruisesShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS190526-22 / 22 Night Alaska & the Aleutian IslandsCrystal Symphony5/26/2019$8,650
Panama CanalShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS190617-08 / 8 Night West Coast Wayfarer  Crystal Symphony6/17/2019$2,610$1,050
Alaska CruisesShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS190625-07 / 7 Night Alaskan Discovery Crystal Symphony6/25/2019$3,330$250
OCS190702-10 / 10 Night Majestic Midnight Sun  Crystal Symphony7/2/2019$3,880$900
OCS190712-11 / 11 Night Spectacular Alaska  Crystal Symphony7/12/2019$4,290$900
OCS190723-07 / 7 Night Glaciers & Totems  Crystal Symphony7/23/2019$3,130$650
OCS190730-11 / 11 Night Frontier Vistas  Crystal Symphony7/30/2019$4,290$900
OCS190810-10 / 10 Night Alaskan Grandeur  Crystal Symphony8/10/2019$3,880$900
OCS190820-07 / 7 Night Fjord Explorer  Crystal Symphony8/20/2019$2,120$650
OCS190827-07 / 7 Night Scenic Alaska  Crystal Symphony8/27/2019$2,120$650
OCS190903-07 / 7 Night Alaskan Adventures  Crystal Symphony9/3/2019$2,120$650
OCS190910-07 / 7 Night Accent on Alaska  Crystal Symphony9/10/2019$2,475$1,050
OCS190917-11 / 11 Night Northwest Gold Rush  Crystal Symphony9/17/2019$2,965$1,300
Mexican RivieraShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS190928-13 / 13 Night Central American Sojourn Crystal Symphony9/28/2019$5,030$500
OCS190928-27 / 27 Night Explorer CombinationCrystal Symphony9/28/2019$10,855
Panama CanalShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS191011-14 / 14 Night Costa Rica & the Panama Canal Crystal Symphony10/11/2019$5,830$500
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS191015-10 / 10 Night Crystal Symphony10/15/2019$4,165
CaribbeanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS191025-14 / 14 Night Caribbean Flavors  Crystal Symphony10/25/2019$3,885$1,300
OCS191108-09 / 9 Night Yucatan Channel Palette Crystal Symphony11/8/2019$2,525$500
Mexican RivieraShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS191117-07 / 7 Night Tropical Escape  Crystal Symphony11/17/2019$1,565$1,050
CaribbeanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS191124-07 / 7 Night Caribbean Cornucopia Crystal Symphony11/24/2019$2,290$250
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS191201-10 / 10 Night Panama Panorama  Crystal Symphony12/1/2019$2,875$1,300
Mexican RivieraShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS191211-10 / 10 Night Treasures of the Sun  Crystal Symphony12/11/2019$2,150$1,300
Hawaii & South PacificShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS191221-15 / 15 Night Hawaiian Serenade Crystal Symphony12/21/2019$5,355$500
Pacific CoastShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS200105-08 / 8 Night Golden Pacific Paragons Crystal Symphony1/5/2020$2,449$1,400
Trans-Ocean CrossingsShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS200113-19 / 19 Night Pacific Island Paradise Crystal Symphony1/13/2020$5,249$4,000
AsiaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS200113-32 / 32 Night Pacific Isles Odyssey Crystal Symphony1/13/2020$9,549$6,000
OCS200113-47 / 47 Night Pacific Isles & Asian Temples Crystal Symphony1/13/2020$14,899$9,000
OCS200202-13 / 13 Night Pagodas & Pearls of the Orient Crystal Symphony2/2/2020$4,299$2,000
OCS200202-28 / 28 Night Shrines & Palaces of the East Crystal Symphony2/2/2020$9,649$5,000
OCS200215-15 / 15 Night Stars of Southeast Asia Crystal Symphony2/15/2020$5,349$3,000
OCS200215-30 / 30 Night Far East Fascinations Crystal Symphony2/15/2020$10,449$6,000
OCS200301-15 / 15 Night Southeast Asia Highlights Crystal Symphony3/1/2020$5,099$3,000
OCS200301-30 / 30 Night Wonders of Lava & Light Crystal Symphony3/1/2020$10,599$6,000
OCS200316-15 / 15 Night Sparkling Cities of Northern Asia Crystal Symphony3/16/2020$5,499$3,000
OCS200331-13 / 13 Night Southeast Asia Soiree Crystal Symphony3/31/2020$4,649$2,000
OCS200423-15 / 15 Night Spice Route Sojourn Crystal Symphony4/23/2020$4,199$3,000
OCS200423-31 / 31 Night Asia, Arabia & Amalfi Immersion Crystal Symphony4/23/2020$9,499$6,000
Middle EastShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS200508-16 / 16 Night Amalfi Sights & Arabian Nights Crystal Symphony5/8/2020$5,299$3,000
MediterraneanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS200508-42 / 42 Night Arabian & Mediterranean MarvelsCrystal Symphony5/8/2020$18,349
OCS200524-07 / 7 Night Mediterranean Enchantment Crystal Symphony5/24/2020$2,499$1,400
OCS200524-14 / 14 Night Grand Masters of the Med Crystal Symphony5/24/2020$5,199$2,800
OCS200524-26 / 26 Night Mediterranean Allure Crystal Symphony5/24/2020$6,749$4,800
OCS200531-07 / 7 Night Montserrat to Marrakech Crystal Symphony5/31/2020$2,699$1,400
OCS200531-19 / 19 Night Mediterranean Interlude Crystal Symphony5/31/2020$6,649$3,400
Northern EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS200607-12 / 12 Night Joie de Vivre et Jardins Crystal Symphony6/7/2020$3,949$2,000
OCS200619-14 / 14 Night North Cape Brilliance Crystal Symphony6/19/2020$5,749$3,000
OCS200619-25 / 25 Night Scandinavian Solstice Crystal Symphony6/19/2020$10,499$5,000
OCS200703-11 / 11 Night Baltic Palaces & Panoramas Crystal Symphony7/3/2020$4,749$2,000
OCS200714-11 / 11 Night Tsars & Scandinavian Splendor Crystal Symphony7/14/2020$4,799$2,000
OCS200714-25 / 25 Night Imperial Palaces & Regal Wonders Crystal Symphony7/14/2020$10,899$5,000
OCS200725-14 / 14 Night British Isles Brilliance Crystal Symphony7/25/2020$6,099$3,000
OCS200725-25 / 25 Night European Grandeur Crystal Symphony7/25/2020$10,899$5,000
OCS200808-11 / 11 Night Royal Military Tattoo & Norwegian Fjords Crystal Symphony8/8/2020$4,799$2,000
MediterraneanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS200808-57 / 57 Night Epic European Odyssey Crystal Symphony8/8/2020$19,849$10,800
Northern EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS200819-13 / 13 Night European Cultural Canvas Crystal Symphony8/19/2020$4,099$2,000
MediterraneanShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS200819-46 / 46 Night Monuments of Mediterranean Culture Crystal Symphony8/19/2020$10,649$8,800
OCS200901-10 / 10 Night Masterpieces of the Mediterranean Crystal Symphony9/1/2020$3,299$2,000
OCS200911-09 / 9 Night Adriatic & Greek Isles Rendezvous Crystal Symphony9/11/2020$3,199$2,000
OCS200920-07 / 7 Night Gods & Empires Crystal Symphony9/20/2020$2,299$1,400
OCS200920-21 / 21 Night Tuscan Sun & Spanish Shores Crystal Symphony9/20/2020$5,499$4,200
OCS200920-33 / 33 Night Mediterranean Tapestry Crystal Symphony9/20/2020$11,649$6,200
OCS200920-49 / 49 Night Sacred Step & Ancient Empires Crystal Symphony9/20/2020$14,549$5,000
OCS200927-07 / 7 Night Italian Intrigue & Romance Crystal Symphony9/27/2020$2,149$1,400
OCS200927-26 / 26 Night Heavenly Vistas & Holy Lands Crystal Symphony9/27/2020$6,549$4,800
OCS201004-07 / 7 Night Mediterranean Island Inspiration Crystal Symphony10/4/2020$2,349$1,400
OCS201011-12 / 12 Night Monumental Holy Lands Crystal Symphony10/11/2020$3,449$2,000
OCS201011-28 / 28 Night Holy Land Sojourn Crystal Symphony10/11/2020$8,049$5,000
OCS201023-16 / 16 Night Beyond the Acropolis & Aqaba Crystal Symphony10/23/2020$4,599$3,000
Middle EastShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS201108-13 / 13 Night Priceless Pearls of the Middle East Crystal Symphony11/8/2020$3,749$2,000
OCS201108-29 / 29 Night Eastern Tapestries Crystal Symphony11/8/2020$8,099$5,000
AsiaShipDateFare FromSavings
OCS201121-16 / 16 Night Lands of Enlightenment Crystal Symphony11/21/2020$4,349$3,000
OCS201207-15 / 15 Night Icons of Southeast Asia Crystal Symphony12/7/2020$4,099$3,000
OCS201207-30 / 30 Night Grand Far East Celebration Crystal Symphony12/7/2020$9,399$6,000
OCS201222-15 / 15 Night Far East Festivities Crystal Symphony12/22/2020$5,299$3,000
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